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The Harvest Tree

You know that sad, depressing feeling you get when the holidays are over and its time to put all of your Christmas decorations away? 99 Cents Only Stores has a remedy for that! Bring out your Christmas Tree right now and decorate it with Harvest decorations! Enjoy a few extra weeks of that cheerful holiday warmth in your home.

Here are a few key Harvest decorations that will look great on your Harvest Tree:

  • Wide Ribbon
  • Fall Garlands
  • Burlap Bows
  • Decorative Pumpkins
  • Small Scarecrows
  • Decorative Owls
  • Fall Floral
  • Fall Leaves
  • Pine Cones
  • Decorative Branches

The 99 has a wide selection of quality seasonal decorations that will bring the holiday spirit into your home without busting your budget.

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