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Keeping it Clean

Clean enough to eat off of basically your entire house.

The lost coins in the sofa dilemma.  If you clean before you come to the 99, you could probably use the change you find in the sofa to buy all the brand name cleaning products you want. But then, you want those products first to clean. It’s a conundrum.

Clean it all, even the places your roommate, Bob, left messy. Hey, Bob.  Floors you can eat off of, but won’t. Counters you could prepare food on, but probably won’t either. Rugs and upholstery that say, “We don’t have four cats between us.” You two work it out. The point is, the place is going to look great on a “shared expenses” budget. Dates you bring home really like that.

Have Winter, Summer and Fall cleaning in addition to Spring Cleaning.  You can afford them anyway. Any time of year or day, you never know what unmissable deals on cleaning floors, walls and windows will help keep your family home looking and smelling fresh. You might even get inspired to, you know, like to clean.

Get amazing deals to clean all your house’s outsides and insides. Let’s take this “cleaning” thing year round. Or, be messier so you can do it more often!

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