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The one place for Birthday parties Age 1 through Age 101.

Total, glorious kid chaos. You can throw a party together in no time just because it’s Tuesday, or because it’s Tuesday and you forgot to get everything for your kid’s birthday party. But you’re coming through. Just walk down an aisle and reach out your arms to catch deals on all the food, fun and decorations. The 99 is how kids have the best birthday ever, spin around and fall asleep on the sofa with one shoe off.

Have you whacked a Piñata today? Not just any piñata. An emoji piñata. Or a smiley face wearing sunglasses piñata. And many more. And that’s just the piñatas, so you can just imagine all the kinds of table, and room decorations we have. But you never know exactly what it will be. So come in, close your eyes, turn around three times and point. It will be something excellent for your party.

You are now the Queen of parties. Parties are about generosity and indulging. But at the 99, they’re not about sacrifice to pay for it. We make it so Great Aunt Edna raves about the spread, or your wife’s boss nods approvingly, or your group of friends think you’re the best at putting on parties and beg you to do it again soon.

Be spontaneous before the party. Come in. See what today’s amazing deals are and bring home several armloads of fun.