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Beauty In The Eye Of The 99

There’s no such thing as too much Beauty. We checked.

Bat your lashes without batting an eye at prices. Perfect your look for every occasion from date night to club night to movie night to the beach or maybe just walking out to get the mail. There’s a new look for everything when you find something new every day. Just the deals on brand name styling tools will make your hair curl, and our makeup prices put a big wide grin on your face. Come in, try the good stuff like it’s the cheap stuff, and keep your budget looking good.

You want to be a knockout beauty, not a knock-off beauty. You never know what you’ll find each day but it will be the good stuff - brand names, not knock-offs. If someone’s eyes look too wide, it’s because of the deals, not a facelift, or maybe both!

Deals you’d rip someone’s hair out to score. Practice your dramatic turn and hairflip whether it’s long with highlights or short and purple. No matter what your style It’s all about trying new products, and getting deals even if you have to fight dirty to get to it first.

You’re bound to find that product you love but didn’t budget for. But your budget now covers all the beauty you could ever want. We’re all about deals that put a smile on your face. World, prepare to swipe right.

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