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Give your house as much personality as you have.

People may look to your home to find out this season’s trends. We’ve traveled the world to find the most fascinating, fun, elegant and festive decorations for every season. That means you just need to visit every aisle of our store to check out an unbelievable assortment. The Joneses are going to have a hard time keeping up with you this time.

Every kind of decoration in this Universe and some that may be from elsewhere. Trying to explain the variety of home decorations the 99 has is, simply, impossible. But to try, think of every kind of glitter, sparkle, color, shine and feathers and add it to every kind of gourd, gnome, placemat or decoration known to man, and that’s a start. Every time you come in you’ll find stuff you’ve never seen here before, or frankly, anywhere.

Your house says, “This is your house!” What can we say? Our customers tend to have more personality than most, and they’re not bashful about grabbing that one-of-a-kind treasure. It’s our mission to keep up with them and put out the sequined candle of an otter playing the ukulele, if that’s what will make a violin playing otter lover’s day. We never know what we’ll find, so neither do you, which makes it so amazing to Do the 99.

Your home is about to be your castle, complete with everything you love, and some things you didn’t know you loved til you found them. If this causes some jealousy with friends or neighbors, send them to the 99, but get here first so you can scoop the best deals.

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