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99 bottles of beer on the wall, at amazing deals! And wine!

You have a fine palette for savings. Notice the full-bodied flavor of brand names by the caseload with notes of “absurd prices” and hints of “Holy Smokes, that’s Sapporo!” We suggest you fill the kiddie pool with ice for a cooler and become known for your Legendary Summer Backyard Barbeques. If you happen to own 200 koozies, get them out.

Have an intimate dinner with that special someone who loves great deals. Gaze into each others’ eyes over candlelight and ridiculous savings. You may stumble onto your favorite wine, that fancy beer you tried once and loved, or one you just never wanted to pay for but since the price has been 99’d, why not? There’s so much to love.

It’s almost cheating when you bring the best wine to the dinner party.  Walk in, head held high, and casually set down “The Bottle.” Crazy deals turn up all the time at the 99. Stay on your toes and grab something that will make them look at you and wonder when you became such a big spender. You’re generous and all, but wow.

Come drink, imbibe, guzzle and sip refreshing savings. Have the good stuff you usually reserve for a special time, all the time. (Burp) Excuse us.

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All the brands that you know and love

Sapporo Beer Nuts Whitman Express Krave Planters The Dudes Henninger hite Chillin Carr's Phillipe DuBlanc Valley of the Moon