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Crunching, munching and mmm, tasty savings.

Those are brand name crumbs on your shirt. Get 99-style deals on brand names with that end in “-eeto” “-ay’s” “-ritos” or maybe “-epperidge” and “-arm.” The kind that’s worth smuggling into movie theaters, or makes watching TV at home something you really look forward to.

Go from Social Caterpillar to Social Butterfly. Put out a spread. Invite more people. Have more parties. Try the crazy spicy kind, and you don’t even need to choose - get every kind of cheese flavor. It’s a surprise party, the surprise being you got it all at the 99.

Here, “Snack Attack” means diving headfirst down an aisle to get the deal first. Limber up before you come to the 99. Any hour of the day, you might be the one to find an unthinkable deal on snacks that will make you a hero with the kids, at the office, or even just for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled. Strike first. And snack happiest.

Surprise your taste buds with a fresh bag of “delicious.” And don’t forget to share with your friends’ taste buds. There’s plenty for everyone. That’s snacking with the 99.


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