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Four-legged 99ers

Fetch a great deal. Good 99er!

A message from the pets.

Please use the 99 to get us the good stuff (something called “brand names?”) and more toys and leashes. Money is delicious, but beyond that we have no idea. But we’ve heard the 99 has amazing “deals.” All we know is, you can get everything we love and then smile with your face instead of wagging your tail. Please Do the 99. We’ll be your best friend.

Signed- Mr. Pickles, Butterbean, Sparkles, Captain Howler, Fido, Lola, Princess Fancy Feet and Fred.

The 99 will make you both drool.

Your dog will be excited to get brand names like Purina, Gravy Train, Alpo, Mighty Dog and Cesars. And you might drool a little over the prices. The 99 is how you can let your dog live the good life without worrying about cost, which matters. At least until your dog starts paying with his own credit card.

Because cats have high standards.

We’re not worthy, and cats know it. But you can please them with the real, brand name food and treats they demand like Friskies and Meow Mix. The 99’s incredible deals makes it easier for humans to please cats by letting you afford the finest cat food, every time. Keep it up and they might even be impressed.

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