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99ER RECIPE: A Berry Yummy Waffle Sandwich


Recipe by Leslie

Leslie is an average, all American gal living in the Sonoran Desert of Greater Phoenix, AZ and owner of DollarStoreMeals.net.

One of Leslie’s hobbies is preparing healthy meals on a budget. If you’re into discovering new recipe ideas and saving money while still providing healthy choices for your family, that’s where Leslie comes in.

Not only does she prepare meals out of joy, but out of a great necessity to take good care of herself. That’s some serious motivation!

Recipe Title: A Berry Yummy Waffle Sandwich


Abbreviations: C.= cup, tsp. = teaspoon, T. = tablespoon, lb.= pound, oz. = ounces, pkg. = package, pt. = pint, qt. = quart

  • 6 oz. (1 container) of Hahn’s Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • 1 pkg of frozen berries or fresh berries of your choice
  • 1 pkg of waffles (or pancakes) from the 99 Cent Only Store
  • Optional: Cinnamon for garnish


1-    Thaw frozen berries, or prepare fresh berries.

2-    Bring the container of cream cheese to room temperature.

3-    Heat the waffles until golden brown. You may also use the 99 Cent Only Store’s pancakes they sell.

4-    Fold some berries into the cream cheese and mix.

5-    On the bottom waffle, top with the cream cheese and berry mixture. Place the other waffle on top.

6-    Top with more berries and optionally add some cinnamon if you like.

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