We've got a whole lot of love.

If Chocolate Equals Love...


At The 99, love means never having to say “I overspent.”

You can splurge on a great Valentine’s Day without spending much. For the kids, there’s tubes topped with monsters for blowing bubbles, buttons to wear and stickers. Parents can break out the string of hearts necklace that lights up, Velcro-ball dart set that makes your significant other do things for you depending on where it lands and love tokens to call in favors. Grab a bottle of wine and fresh groceries to make dinner while you’re at it. The usual stress of getting ready for Valentine’s Day can be replaced by walking down the aisles at The 99, stretching out your arms to grab fun things, and going home to enjoy the day.


Valentine’s Day is when love can be expressed in units of chocolate.

The heart wants what the heart wants, mainly candy. So at The 99, we do what we have to. We put on some wings, grab a heart-shaped bow and arrow and go find which suppliers are feeling the most love. It leads to deals on brand name candy that could make Cupid swoon. With Brach’s, Ghirardelli and all your favorites, giving it to someone might require a forklift.


Nothing says “I love you” like a giant pink hippo plushie with a unicorn horn and purple feet.

It works great with kids, and lots of adults too. But if that’s not quite it, there’s a petting zoo worth of Valentine’s elephants, monkeys, dogs, and teddy bears, koalas with sparkly eyes, pigs, unicorns sporting mohawks and pink bears. Just come in, and fall in love.