Wow, that’s a lot of luck.



You can’t help being lucky with these deals.

We live in a sunny climate, and sometimes, you just can’t find a rainbow and tackle a leprechaun and his pot of gold in time to make the holiday spectacular. Not to worry. The 99 has taken care of everything. We came up with loads of incredible deals so you can make everything green and fun for the holiday. You’ll find shamrocks and leprechauns for the tablecloths, plates, cups, forks, doors, walls, windows, yard and don’t forget the dog. Have a party and invite everyone. It’s easy to pick up more snacks like Lay’s potato chips and Cheetos, and brand name soda and Guinness beer too. And don’t forget the cleaning supplies because the cleanup will also be epic. People will be talking about it til next year. The 99 is where you lead a charmed life. Try it and see.