An Update for Our Customers and Associates


April 15, 2020

Dear 99 Cents Only customers and associates,

As we all adjust to these unprecedented times, we remain committed to providing you with direct, factual and unfiltered communication. Our most immediate and top priority continues to be the health, safety and well-being of our customers and associates. Our incredible in-store associates are working around the clock to provide customers with the products they need. From store operations and information technology to supply chain, merchandising and marketing, everyone at the 99 is contributing to these efforts in a significant way.

We know that communities and families are relying on us more than ever to help stretch their budgets on essential items. In order to ensure our stores remain clean, safe and stocked, we are accepting the advice of public health experts and listening intently to our customers and associates. We will continue to work safely and as swiftly as possible to adapt to new developments as they occur.

Among our latest enhancements:

  • We modified hours to allow for more time to clean stores, restock shelves and ensure a healthy and safe store environment.
  • We implemented product limitations that help ensure everyone will have access to essential items.
  • We added special shopping hours to support our most vulnerable customers.
  • We implemented new social distancing protocols and added dedicated associates to manage customer traffic and frequently clean carts, doors and other high-touch surfaces.
  • We have provided masks for all of our associates.
  • We’re in the process of installing plexiglass shields to enhance safety at all of our registers.

Above all, we can’t thank our associates enough. We are privileged to work with our teams who make it possible to continue serving our customers and our communities. You are truly our 99 Heroes.


Warm Regards,


Signature of Barry


Barry Feld

Chief Executive Officer
99 Cents Only Stores






Updated store hours


Our current store hours are:

8am - 8pm

*7pm at select locations


Dedicated store hours:

7am - 8am, Tuesday and Thursday

*Every day at select locations


Dedicated store hours are reserved to serve shoppers 65 years and over, pregnant women, people with disabilities and people with compromised immune systems, and a plus one.

Please call your local store for more information about hours.


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What we’re doing in store


We’ve taken a number of measures in store to prioritize the health and safety of our customers and associates.


Social Distancing

  • Limited the number of operating registers
  • Limited the maximum  number of customers allowed in store
  • Added a greeter at the door to manage customer traffic and enforce social distancing
  • Reduced store hours
  • Dedicated store hours for at-risk customers


Enhanced Sanitation

  • Greeter at door sanitizes carts and baskets, and other high-touch surfaces
  • Customers with reusable bags must bag their own groceries


Protecting customers and associates

  • Encouraging employees to wear masks and gloves, or mandating depending on local regulations
  • Asking shoppers to also wear masks and gloves
  • Providing hand sanitizer to use in-store


Product Limits

  • Limits on high-demand items, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer in an effort to help ensure everyone has access to essentials
  • Continued steady supply of essentials in store






What we’re doing to support our communities



We’ve implemented a number of in-store measures to help ensure your safety, and we’re proud to continue serving our community by providing essentials at a great value.



In addition to the in-store safety measures, we’re also providing reusable masks to all associates, increasing in-store discounts and we’ve provided gift cards to all staff as a thank you for their continued support.






Join the 99 Team


We are proud to continue to employ our associates during this global pandemic. At a time when our communities are depending on us more than ever, we invite you to be part of the 99 team and join us in supporting our communities.


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