Pricing Policy FAQs

Are all your over $1 price points changing?

Yes. All our price points over $1 will increase by $0.0099 (99/100 of one cent), effective Monday, July 11, 2022. As a practical matter, this means that the prices charged for our products priced over $1 will increase by one penny. These items will be displayed with point of selection price signage – for example, $2.9999.

If the price is increasing by $0.0099, what will I pay at the register?

We round prices to the nearest cent. Therefore, if your total is $1.9999, the product price will round up to $2.00 at the register, plus any applicable tax. The product price appears in total form on the register display before the purchase is made. If a customer does not wish to pay it, the customer can choose not to complete the transaction.

How will tax apply?

The tax amount or percentage depends on your local tax laws. As always, we apply tax to the taxable subtotal – in other words, tax is applied after rounding. The final sales price (including tax) is calculated and shown on the register screen prior to the completion of the transaction.

Are all stores making this change?

Yes. This price changes applies to all our stores.

Why are you changing the price?

Like many other retailers, we’re facing increased business costs (including gas, transportation, food, commodities and operating costs). Long ago, we added a charge of 99/100 of one cent to our 99¢ products. We decided to align all our price points with the $0.0099 for consistency and to help us address increased costs.

Why isn’t the price higher?

Our Company’s brand is “99” and we take pride in that. We will continue to provide quality items at a great price to our customers. We remain the neighborhood store that gives customers who want to save money a convenient option to shop for their basic household items and weekly grocery needs.

How does this change affect your 99¢ Only Stores store name?

Many years ago, 99 Cents Only Stores charged 99¢ for most of the items sold in our stores. As our loyal customers know, we long ago changed this pricing policy to provide our customers with a wider assortment of product offerings and extreme value products, as well as to keep pace with rising business costs. Despite these changes, we have maintained our iconic, trademarked name to prevent customer confusion and to make sure our customers know who we are and that we are continuing to provide the same quality and value as always.

How does the price change affect items sold by weight?

The per weight price of these items will be increased $0.0099 and rounded up to the nearest cent at the register. For these products, the final subtotal to be charged (as well as the total including any sales tax) will be displayed on the register screen before the purchase is made.