Win either way


The deal hunt before the egg hunt

There’s nothing like finding one. You don’t know where it might pop up, but you spot it, you know it’s going to be something good, and you get the prize. We mean 99er deals, of course, but easter eggs work that way too. We have roughly a million of them for you, all different kinds like shiny, glittery, disco ball, sports, huge, tiny, shimmery, monster ones with hair, emojis and much more. 


Since you’re having a bigger egg hunt…

You’ll definitely need more candy. At the 99, it’s easy to hunt for Kit Kat, Reese’s, Hershey’s, Ghirardelli and more, much of it egg-shaped. You’ll also want to meet some of our new chocolate bunnies and cadbury eggs! It’s like a trip to the zoo, but for chocolate bunnies, and you can bring them home.