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Holiday Cheering

No one does holidays like the 99, except now you, of course.

Because it’s that time of year, several times a year. If you pushed your cart down our aisles before each holiday and blindly knocked things into it, you’d probably come out with everything for a great get-together. So imagine how well a seasoned seasonal dealhunter will do when you’re trying. We do our part with the most outrageous, original, and often elegant, decorations for all the festivities, at deals that make you wish you could do it more often. Speaking of which…

We’re going to need more holidays. The 99 has such amazing deals and insane decorations for every holiday that it’s really a shame there aren’t more holidays to celebrate. The obvious solution is to come up with some. Can you imagine what the 99 would do with Christmaween? Or Thankeaster? Or maybe having Five Fourths of July? We’re all going to need to get creative to make this happen but it will be a blast. And be prepared. Everyone’s going to want to have the get-togethers at your house.

Happy Merry Everything! What makes people feel really festive is a great deal, an incredible deal, a deal you can’t wait to tell someone that you got. That’s what puts the extra Falalalala in your Christmas, the Booo in your Halloween, the Gobble-Gobble in your Thanksgiving and the bounce in your Easter Bunny. There is no holiday stress when it’s all at one place, even at the last minute, and you never know what you’ll find but you know it’s going to be great.

You know those homes covered with incredible amounts of flashing Christmas lights that you can see from space? That’s how you feel on the inside when you mix your holidays with the 99’s deals.