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Snack Game-On


The game’s going to need more Quarters.

Dig into Fritos, Cheetos, and Pringles during kickoff, salsa in the second quarter, some more beer in the third, and by the fourth, empty Doritos bags litter your field. With the 99’s deals, you’ll have enough snacks to let everyone bring a +1, +2 or +8. And you’ll still have extra in case someone squeezes a bag of Doritos til it pops into delicious confetti when your team wins! 


Your living room has the best seats for the Big Game.

Stock up on plastic forks for a house full of people, red Solo cups, and endless ways to fill them. Every kind of brand name beverage from soda to beer goes without saying. Don’t forget the spatula, tongs and can openers. At the 99 you can do it all in one stop.