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      Notice Pursuant to California Prop 65

      Warning: The following products contain Cocamide Diethanolamine (or Cocamide DEA) or Diethanolamine (or DEA), which are chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer:

      Aura Shampoo 8oz
      Best Friend Forever Musk Shower Gel
      Body Fantasies Body Wash
      Daily Defense Body Wash
      Daily Defense Body Wash Mens 3 in 1
      Daily Defense Shampoo
      Dermasil Hand Wash
      Dermasil Body Wash
      Despicable Me Body Wash
      Despicable Me Hand Soap
      DLC Liquid Hand Soap Refill
      Halsa Body Wash for Men
      Inner Nature Shampoo
      Intimate Secret Hand Soap
      Johnson Parker Hand Soaps
      Juicy Drop Pop Shampoo & Shower Gel
      LA Totally Awesome Dog Shampoo
      LaBella Shampoo Placentia 
      Panrosa 16oz Liquid Soap
      Pawl's Pet Shampoo 160z
      Perfect Finish After Wash Neutral
      Personal Care Astrigent
      Personal Care Baby Shampoo
      Personal Care Mousse
      Personal Care Therapeutic   Shampoo
      Popsicle Shampoo Shower Gel       
      Results Shampoo
      RingPop Shampoo & Shower Gel         
      RITZ Liquid Soap Antibacterial
      Salon Selective Shampoo
      Silkience Shampoo
      Vanart Shampoos