Product Safety

 At 99 Cents Only Stores, we are committed to our customers’ safety and satisfaction, as well as helping to lead the way to a healthy way of life for people of all income levels.  Additionally, we strongly believe quality perishable foods need not be limited to those who can afford to shop at higher price stores.  Our mission to make healthy food and other quality merchandise affordable to everyone is entirely compatible with providing safe products, and we take great pride in harmonizing both of these important goals.

Our commitment to sell only safe, quality products, and to do so at rock bottom prices, takes a variety of forms.

Product Safety & Certification:

The overwhelming majority of food that we purchase is bought directly from the manufacturer or grower.  We have strong long term relationships with and buy products directly from almost all of America’s most trusted consumer brand food companies including the makers of Dole, Nestle, Nabisco, General Mills, Quaker, Campbell’s, Hunt’s, Minute Maid, Kellogg, Tree Top, Coca-Cola, Yoplait, V8, Del Monte, Hershey’s, Sun Maid, Welch’s, Oscar Meyer and many other well regarded household brands.

In addition, we use one of the world’s premier product testing laboratories, Bureau Veritas, to test many of the products that are offered to us.  Please feel welcome to visit their website at to familiarize yourself with their quality assurance testing and analysis.  Also, each of our buyers has a comprehensive product safety binder. Additionally, the products they purchase are inspected not only by the buying staff, but also separately by a dedicated quality assurance inspector.  Also, in our purchase orders we specifically require that all products sold to us meet all local, state, and federal safety, labeling, environmental, and other laws and regulations.

Prompt & Effective Recalls: 

We carry many thousands of different items at all times, and our product selection is constantly changing, with many new and exciting offerings available on an ongoing basis.  On very rare occasions, despite our best efforts, we may make a purchase that is later recalled by the manufacturer. To address this, and to protect our customers’ health and safety, a few years ago we developed and implemented a state of the art recall system, that goes far and beyond what most major retailers do, If a recall is ever needed, recall notices are automatically sent to all of our stores and is posted on our internal store computer network. In addition to this, the recall also invokes a “register lock” under which the mere scanning of the recalled item at any of our cash registers automatically locks up the entire cash register system, shutting down the register. Thus, no further business can be transacted at that register until our store manager on duty physically unlocks the register with a special key that only they have.  There are additional features that also help ensure recalled products do not slip through the cracks.  This system is an innovative and robust method to protect our valued customers. Please visit the government websites, and to become alerted to the latest recalls.

Freshness Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our freshness satisfaction guaranty is simple.  If our customers are not completely satisfied with the freshness of any of our products, we encourage them to return the merchandise to any of our stores for a full and prompt refund. 

Fresh & Organic Produce: 

Try our fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh perishable food products.  You will also be amazed at the values on our healthy refrigerated offerings.  Although one might not expect a deep discount store to offer organic products, you will often find organics among our product selection at an unbelievable price. 

Cage-Free Eggs: 

All 99 Cents Only Stores locations that offer eggs have a cage-free option for its customers. 99 Cents Only Stores recognizes the importance of responsible sourcing and is working towards a goal of being 100% cage-free by 2025 based on adequate supply and affordable pricing.