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Can you believe it’s almost back to school time? I don’t have kiddos, but I still love back to school shopping! Stocking up on new pens, notebooks, folders, etc. I’m always shocked that it rolls around so soon now that a lot of schools start in August (I always remember school starting in September), but, again, since I don’t have kiddos, it’s always a nice reminder that Los Angeles traffic patterns are about to change again! Ha! Also, back to school makes for a nice…

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Amy shows us how to 99 Your Summer with delicious Mango popsicles! This is a quick, delicious, and affordable snack to stay cool this summer.

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“Frutas con Limon” Recipe

Make “Frutas con Limon” this Cinco de Mayo! Just do the 99 and get all of the fresh fruit you need. Add a dash of limon and a sprinkle chilito for a tasty summer treat!

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Mother’s Day Sugar Cookies

Submitted by Pink Wings | Looking for a sweet treat to make for the sweetest woman in the world? Try this tasty Mother’s Day Sugar Cookie recipe to make your Mother feel extra special on her big day!

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