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Valentine’s Date Night

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it’s a time to start planning the perfect date for that special someone in your life. We all know Valentine’s Day is one of the hardest days to get a dinner reservations and all of the romantic movies will be sold out. Not to forget the costs of these activities, just to be in an overcrowded loud space. Well we have an idea for those looking to have an intimate night while saving money. We recommend a date night at home, no traffic, and no crowds, just loads of quality one -on-one time. All it takes are a few items from your local 99 Cents Only Stores.

First thing you want to do is set up the atmosphere. The last thing you want is to invite your partner over to a messy home. Show him/her you care by dressing up your home; make it look new and romantic. Pick up a few decorations and add a touch of romance to your living situation.


Spread these rose petals all over your home or use them to create a path to something special.



Add many cute and cuddly plush toys!


Then you want to cook up something delicious. Try making Italian pasta dish, as Italy is known to be the culture of love (or you can order take out from his/her favorite restaurant).

date_night date_night_1 date_night_2


Don’t forget to pick up some dessert.



After dinner you want to have a movie ready with snacks. I recommend popcorn, candy and soda.


Make sure you know what her/his favorite drink is.


This popcorn has the best butter coverage.


First they are sour but then they are sweet.


Most people don’t know we have a DVD collection. Just ask an associate to point you in the right direction.


After the movie its time to give him/her their special Valentine’s Day gift.


We have many Valentine bag sizes and styles.


If you have done everything right the rest of the date night should have a happy ending.