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99 recipe mushroom fries

99er Recipe – Portobello Mushroom Fries

A few years ago at a friends wedding I remember having Portobello mushroom fries. As soon as I saw these huge mushrooms at my 99¢ Only Store I knew I had to try to recreate them. This is the recipe I put together.

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pool fun squirt gun

Summer 2014 : Pool Fun

Remember those long summer days playing in the pool all day? Well, while most things have changed these simple joys remain the same. Head over to your nearest 99 Cents Only Stores and pick up the same products that made your childhood memorable and share the joy with everyone you love.

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After a busy week at school and work, I enjoy staying home on the weekends working on projects. I like coming up with ways to re-use things I already have at home. I find inspiration in things most people might just toss out. What you will need: 1. Oven safe mug. 2. Sharpie markers 3.…

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