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Fun Ways to 99 Your Easter!

Looking for fun and easy Easter ideas that won’t break the bank? Just do the 99! All of these ideas we’re inspired by shopping at the 99 where you can find nearly every item mentioned below. So, get your notebooks out and start your shopping list!

Easter Ideas for your Pets Under $5

mommatoldme3 The 99 Pets East F6a

Every pup needs a teepee! 99er, Momma Told Me, shares how she created D.I.Y. pet toys at the 99 for less than $5. D.I.Y. tennis ball dog toys and cat wands are the perfect gift for your furry friends this Easter!


Strawberry Easter Cupcakes

easter cupcakes 5       Pinkwings2

There’s nothing like a strawberry-filled, strawberry cupcake with a chocolate-covered strawberry on top! Say that 5 times fast! 99er, Pink Wings, shows us how she did the 99 to make this tasty Easter treat!


Easter Bunny Ears Mirrors


Everybunny can be an Easter bunny with these clever bunny ear mirrors! 99er, Jennifer P. Priest, shows us how to pull it off in this easy to follow tutorial!


Mini Easter Basket Table Settings on a Budget

99er, Tikkido, shows us how to create an adorable miniature Easter Basket to use as Easter dinner table settings! Can you guess what the mini-basket fillers are? Click here for more!


Easter Tablescape on a Budget


99er, I Should be Mopping the Floor, knows how to create an amazing Easter bunch tablescape on a shoestring budget! After visiting our “drool-worthy” Easter aisle, as she calls it, she had tons of inspiration to create this modern Easter brunch look!


Science Easter Basket


Want to learn how to make Playdough out of Peeps? Or, make fizzing Easter eggs? 99er, Schooling a Monkey, put together 4 different kid-friendly science experiments in this Science Easter Basket. It’s a great alternative to a basket full of sugar (but those are always good too!).


Bunny and Friends Easter Cake


Calling all aspiring bakers! Impress your friends and family with a custom Easter basket cake this year! 99er, My Pinterventures, walks us through her process of creating this one-of-a-kind creation with a shopping list included!

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Try something new this year and have a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt!

Selection varies by location. Click here to find a store near you!