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bentop 99 cents only stores

D.I.Y. Table Setting by Bentop Events

bentop 99 cents only stores

The idea of creating a design from 99 Cents Only Stores items was born when Hanna Benrosh, the creative director of Bentop was asked to design a table setting for a friend dinner party on a budget.

Hanna: I wanted to create something nice and affordable and I knew 99 Cents Only Stores have a wonderful variety of items. As a designer, I love the colorful chargers plates that gave me the first inspiration for the table’s design.

For this year’s Rosh-Hashana holiday we decided at Bentop events to create 2 different designed tables using 99 Cents Only Stores item along with items that you have at home.

Red Indoor Table Setting design

We found a red round charger plate that inspired us to design a classy traditional table in red and a touch of gold using one of the holiday’s symbol, pomegranate, as the main motive.

We dressed the formal dining table ( that also had a red carpet underneath, how awesome is that…. ) and we dressed the table with a classy white table cloth we found at the hostess linen closet. In order to create an elegant and more expansive/fancy look we choose beautiful plates and soup bowls with a little flower ornament, fancy wine glasses and classy champagne flutes ( pic# 0776, 0789, 0905) ( yes 99c carry those as well) . Adding rich gold as an accent color to the table added the fancy look we where looking for . We were so excited to have found a gold and red beaded napkin rings and a gold unique candle holders . ( pic# 0904, 0762)

Recipe tip :

A fun way to rise the atmosphere is to create a signature cocktail drink that fits the occasion. You can buy a pomegranate juice, mix it with some vodka from you home bar, and add a touch of pomegranate seeds and ice cubes. Your guests will be surprised by an elegant and fun drink to start the evening. ( pic# 0920, 0767)
Green Outdoor Table Setting Design
For the second look we wanted to create a different atmosphere to fit an outdoor space with a natural casual and clean line, inspired by an apple green, festive white and a touch of silver. We used the wooden table the hostess have in her garden and covered it with an ivory lace fabric we bought in down town a long time ago as our table cloth. We found great square light brown charger plates ( pic 0391, 0422, 0532 ), and looked for a simple white dishware to fit it. We always recommend to combine different styles when setting a table rather than a complete set. For example we used a brown square charger plate, a square and clean plate with round edges and a round salad plate with dots pattern. That way you create a clean look but surprise your guests with a little twist. For the glasses we found elegant wine glasses together with a wavy patterned glasses( pic 0588, 0640,). We used ivory linen napkins and wrapped them with a silver ring napkins ( 4 rings in$1.00 can you believe it?) and silver candle holders adding the silver touch to the table.

The holiday’s green apples were the main motive for this table’s design. We created a fresh and beautiful center piece using those apples using some vases we found at the hostess’s pantry, filled it with green small apples and hydrangea flowers we bought at the local market ( pic 0489 , 0477) . We used the silver candle holders adding some small flower arrangements to the tables. When using this kind of candle holder for your candles a great tip to remember is to take off the foil wrapping the candle and adding a bit of water to the candle holders, that way the candle’s wax wont stuck.


Production and Design- Bentop events, an event production company FACEBOOK

Creative assistance & P.R- O3 Group

Photographer- Oleg Bogdan


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