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diy cat wand

$3 D.I.Y. Cat Wand

Submitted by Jenna at Momma Told Me

DIY Cat Wand

99er, Momma Told Me, shares how she created D.I.Y. pet toys at the 99 for less than $5.

“Naturally we didn’t forget about Truffles, the cat- it just so happens my local 99 had their spring gardening supplies set up on the other half of the Easter aisle. In a stroke of genius I spotted some tomato plant cages for $.99 I could easily transform into some amazing cat DIY staples! In fact, there happened to be multiple sizes of tomato plant cages and the small size prided 3 poles that were the perfect length for a cat wand! After cutting (regular scissors work fine) off the lightweight plastic clips holding the round cage guides in place I discovered that the plastic caps on either end of the support poles actually popped on and off with a little effort.

Using some ribbon I’d found in the Easter aisle and a cat toy from the pet aisle I actually tied the ribbon to the toy and fed 2″ of the opposite end of the ribbon into the hollow pole. With a quick ‘pop’ I snapped the cap back in place and had an instant cat wand! Naturally one could duct tape or glue the cap on if they were concerned about cat’s chewing or playing rough, and handmade ‘lure’ toys could be made out of multiple ribbons, pom poms, or more!”

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